What To Do

Well, I have finally started piecing together an action plan for this. I have started building up MotoVlogTV.com and MotoVlogMagazine.com. I have also finally applied to begin earning my juris doctorate. It will be an interesting journey to see where this summer leads ….


Self Employment Ventures

Online Media Productions 2015-2016 Employment Staffing 2015 Logistics 2004-2009


Bachelors in Business Administration
College of Coastal Georgia

Associates in Clinical Laboratory Technology
College of Coastal Georgia

Associates in Psychology and Associates in Business Administration
College of Coastal Georgia

Employment Background

Medical Laboratory Technician
2013 to Present

Tutor Trio Student Services

Grill Cook

Deckhand Chemical Barges


Over Road Truck Driver

I’ll keep playing Powerball when it tops over one billion dollars and hope it isn’t rigged, knowing full well that it probably is ….

I really do wish for one billion dollars. I am working on building an online media following. I am focusing on motovloging currently. I have also just submitted my application for a California approved juris doctorate program. I will not begin the program until July. I will then have to pass California’s First Year Law Student’s Exam (also known as the Baby Bar) after completing the first year of the juris doctorate program. I am looking forward to beginning that journey. I have just earned my Bachelors in Business Administration at the end of 2015.

I really got to see just how much of a mind boggling amount of money that one billion dollars is when the powerball got up to 1.5 billion dollars at the beginning of the year. I decided that I would opt for the annuity in that situation. The main reason that I would have chosen the annuity is that the only thing I could see being able to do with one billion dollars that I could not accomplish with forty million dollars in a year, was lose it all. I reasoned that if I did lose forty million dollars in a year that I would at least have twenty nine more attempts at not losing it all.

I believe I would focus on creating a television and radio network. I have worn so many hats over the past thirty years of my work life. I believe I could focus on certain demographics which are just not served in the community. I would focus on giving hope to the hopeless and showing opportunity to those who are seeking it.

Anyway, life can be fun if you want it to be. I want my life to be fun. I am starting to build that life. Please check out some of my videos. I am adding more. If you would like to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you. Be safe, and have fun!