Is an online degree which, only Nationally Accredited worth pursuing?

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    As I am currently enrolled to begin pursuing an online Nationally Accredited Juris Doctorate, I just now found out that the credits may not transfer from this school as well as those of their highest ranked competitor, which is regionally accredited. Both schools qualify for federal financial aid. Yet, I have found an article which provides links to the differences in the two types of accreditation . That link then goes on to explain about something called the Higher Education Transfer Alliance , which apparently USED to be listed on the CHEA website, but when I tried to look into it, the CHEA website reads that this link no longer exists? So, my issue is that the regionally accredited school would most likely have been the better choice for me for pursuing an LLM in the future. However, there does appear to be some for profit schools which offer LLM’s to DEAC accredited degree holders. I am unsure of what I should do at this point. Honestly I wish I had gotten this far back in January when I still had six months before my undergrad loans would have come due to try to contemplate my options a little more. I still have a couple of weeks to look into everything. This does shed some light on a situation where one school’s alumni achieved recognition by one state that has only allowed that one person ( to my knowledge) entrance into their state for practice…

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